Bricker Pipelines Quality Policy is reflected in all aspects of the company's activities and operations for all works completed that involve sewer main and storm water installation and management.

Bricker Pipelines is fully committed to developing and maintaining a culture of quality excellence throughout the organisation and recognises the critical importance of providing quality products, services and information for the security of it's customers and employees, and the satisfaction of their needs.                                      quality_logo

The Procedures for maintaining our quality standards are described within the IMS to meet the Civil Contractors Federation Code of Practice.

It is our objective to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing suitable products meeting needs the first time, every time, on time and to continually improve in technology and efficiency, maintaining our position as a preferred supplier to the Melbourne Water Boards.

Our pursuit of this goal is reinforced by our ongoing commitment to personal training, sub contractor assesment, product innovation and absolute dedication to customer service.

The responsibility and authority to maintain and improve the Quality System, by administration and direction, is delegated to the Operations Manager who has full management support and the organisational freedom to ensure that the implementation and commitment to the Quality Policy is to the satisfaction of clients and standards at all times. The Managing Director is fully committed to this Quality Policy as indicated by his signed approval and authority.